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918Kiss App

918Kiss App is the mobile slot game application for 918Kiss. It is widely popular in South East Asian countries, especially Malaysia. 918Kiss App is available in Android APK and iOS mobile version. Meanwhile, https://918kissapp.com is the official site for 918Kiss App in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia.

It is important to download 918Kiss App from the official download sites to avoid downloading the pirated version. You may also download 918Kiss original version from the following official download links:


One of the examples of pirated 918Kiss App version would be m.918kiss.bet, which is designed to fully copy the original 918Kiss. It would be advisable for you to play the original version to ensure 100% guaranteed payment as well as high winning payout.

Download 918Kiss

Download 918Kiss could never be easier at https://918kissapp.com. It only requires approximately 5 minutes of time to download 918Kiss on your mobile devices. First of all, you need to figure out whether you are using Android smartphone or iOS smartphone. Why?

There are two mobile version for 918Kiss slot games, namely 918Kiss APK and 918Kiss iOS. Both mobile versions share the same slot games, layout design, as well as winning payout ratio. Nevertheless, there is still slight difference between Android and iOS version. It is also vital for you to fully understand its Android version and iOS version before choosing which version to play.

Now, the question is: how to properly download 918Kiss on your mobile device? Steps are simple, some guidelines are still needed to help you go through the full process. You may refer to our guidelines on how to download 918Kiss Android version and how to download 918Kiss iOS version for more details.

918Kiss APK (Android)

918Kiss APK is a original game installer file that everyone would need to download before installing 918Kiss’s mobile slot game on smartphones. As a matter of fact, all Android game applications are designed in the form of APK file due to system requirements imposed by Google.

As such, do not get confused if you hear people discussing about 918Kiss APK. It is actually just another Android game version to be played on mobile devices with Android operating system. There are quite a fair bit of sources that you are allowed to download 918Kiss APK file. Take a cautious stance towards these unknown APK download sites as you would not know which one is of good quality.

It is a lot more easier to download 918Kiss APK version than to download 918Kiss iOS version, thanks to user-friendly features of Android APK game application. This is also why most players prefer to play Android version instead of iOS version. It is always best for you to download 918Kiss APK from its official download site. Do not risk your 918Kiss game account or mobile phone security by downloading from unknown sources.

918Kiss iOS (iPhone)

iPhone is typically recognized as expensive smartphone, due to its costly retail price. People love to use iPhone simply because of its elegant design, user-friendly mobile features, as well as exclusive in house mobile apps. Having recognized the high number of iPhone users in Malaysia, 918Kiss Malaysia also launched its iOS version not long ago.

Who is gonna play 918Kiss slot games in iOS version? There are few types of people. Firstly, those who are going after high quality game graphic design would definitely play its iOS version. iPhone itself offers high definition screen resolution. Any iOS slot game application would look perfect on iPhone.

Secondly, those who prefer to play slot games with high speed connection will also choose its iOS version. The iron fact is, iOS mobile operating system tends to perform much better than Android mobile operating system. iPhone has much greater process core processor than Android phones. This is why some people love to play 918Kiss iOS version.

However, it is really not easy to own an iPhone. Much of the lower class population would still play 918Kiss Android version given limited affordability. For Malaysian online slot game market as a whole, 70% of the slot game players gamble on Android version, while the rest would play slot games on iOS version. Therefore, 918Kiss iOS is still not as popular as 918Kiss Android, especially in Malaysia.

918Kiss Login

Wondering where to login 918Kiss mobile slot games? Do not worry, we would reveal all the secret tips and tricks about 918Kiss to all our readers! People use 918Kiss Login to access its mobile slot games. You are not able to play its games without passing through the login page.

How does it look like? It is really simple to most players. There are only two fields you need to fill in before entering game lobby, username and password. As such, you would need to obtain a valid 918Kiss game ID (normal or VIP game ID) for 918Kiss Login. How to get 918Kiss game ID? Engage with an authorized 918Kiss agent to complete full registration process, then you will earn your game ID and password.

Well, what would happen after having entered valid game ID and password on the login page? Within second, your username and password would be validated by its back-end system. If everything is fine, it will then jump to a game loading page, the next thing you are going to see after than is actually the game lobby.

You can also choose “Remember Me” on 918Kiss Login page to store you game ID and password. This is a highly convenient player feature that allows you to enter the game without remembering your username and password. It is even more convenient for those who are playing 918Kiss slot games on a daily basis. Of course, you also need robust WIFI connection to ensure login process not be interrupted by any breakdown in internet connect.

918Kiss Free Credit

Online casino players love to claim free credit, as they would be playing slot games at zero cost. Is 918Kiss free credit available in Malaysia? Yes it is. But how to effectively claim 918Kiss free credit at the most convenient way?

Try to type the keyword “918Kiss Free Credit” on your Facebook search or Google. Then you will see a long list of online casino operators who offer 918Kiss free credit to their players. Choose a few which you think is credible, then talk to its customer service representatives for such free credit.

What are the benefits of getting free credit? You risk would then be reduced to zero. You lose nothing, at least nothing in monetary term if you lose all game credits in 918Kiss. If you succeed to hit rollover or balance requirements imposed by the online casino operators, you could then withdraw all your account balance from 918Kiss into real money. Sounds fantastic isn’t it?

Chances are high when you play with 918Kiss free credit. Winning payout is high in 918Kiss, thus getting free bonus games or free spins are now even easier. With more money to gamble, you could possibly last longer in the game, thus heightening your chances to win big from the game.

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